Usually one weeks' rent that takes the property off the market.

The amount of One months Rent in advance, One Months Deposit, less the amount of the holding deposit. This must be paid for as cleared funds. For example by Cash, Bankers draft or credit or debit card.

All rents due are calculated per calendar month. For example if the rent is £100.00 per week = £433.33 per calendar month. This is calculated at a week's rent multiplied by 52 weeks in a year and divided by 12 months. This gives equal payments each month. The same applies for 26 weeks divided by 6 months.

A person that will guarantee that the rent is paid and the terms of the contract met if the tenant fails to do so. Guarantors must be UK based. Required for students and properties where the landlord insists regardless of circumstances and occupation.

Usually one month's rent held against any damage or losses that have occurred during the tenancy.

This will be the lease for the property drawn up by Oyez The Law Society Stationer. The length will usually be one year with a break clause after six months. Some landlords will insist on a set term contract of a minimum of six months with no break clause.

As stated above, one month's written notice can be given after the duration of the break clause.

A list of contents and condition of the property that is produced at the start of the tenancy, and checked at the end of the tenancy.

Landlords 10% for Letting 5% For management